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Tutorial #2: Using Polaroids

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Jul. 28th, 2006 | 10:26 pm

After my last resources post, a lot of people asked me how to use polaroids in icons. So, for the benefit of all, I've decided to write a tutorial on just that. (:

Lesson #2: Using Polaroids (Single-Frame)

We'll be making the icon I put up as an example in the last post, going from this to this:

Level: Beginner, but I'm assuming you know your program pretty well. No long-drawn explanations on where certain tools are. If you need help with that, go here.

Note: If anyone needs further clarification on this tutorial, you're more than welcome to ask questions!

//STEP 01//

Save the image you're using to your drive, and open it up with whatever program you happen to use.

Since my image of the Harbour Bridge was a little big, I then resized it down to 200x133.

The image now:

//STEP 02//

Now, crop your image so you're left with only what you want to see in the polaroid. 100x100 is probably the best size if you want to experiment with different polaroids.

If you already know what polaroid you're going to be using, you can measure the size of its black section and crop your image to those dimensions.

//STEP 03//

Time for the polaroid! Insert your polaroid onto the image as a new layer. Erase away the black part with the Magic Eraser to leave the white frame. Then, position your image so the part you want seen in the frame shows.

Using a polaroid from my first set, I got this:

Note: If you use PS, then you don't have to erase anything. Simply set the layer to Screen. ;-)

//STEP 04//

After that step, it's just like making any other icon.

a) text: I added the word "sydney" underneath the polaroid in Century Gothic black, size 12.

b) tiny text: Times New Roman black, bold, size 2. I broke off from the first line to finish the second line completely along the length of the icon. Then I flipped it to get this effect:

c) decoration: I hand-drew an X in grey (#CFCFCF) in the empty space after the first line in the tiny text, with a brush head size 3.

And to finish it off, I added a heart from KR Heartalicious, letter k, in the upper-right hand corner of the polaroid.

The final product?

As you can see, polaroids are very easy to use, but they are quite versatile and can add a lot to your icon!

Friend me if you like what you see. More icons, brushes, and tutorials coming up!

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